Wednesday, 09 April 2008

Mouse warranty

What a mission to get a South African company to honour a warranty.

A brief overview, I bought a Logitech MX revolution from Digital Planet, in February last year. In January this year, the mouse started to double click on a single click with the left button.

So I contacted Digital Planet, and they sent a courier to fetch the mouse and then Digital Planet sent it to their supplier, DCS, and they supposedly tested it for a week and sent it back saying there is nothing wrong with it. This all happened in mid to late February.

So I now contacted Logitech in Europe and they replaced the mouse after I answered their queries for certain information, specifically, the details of the company I bought it from and why they would not replace it.

So Logitech sent the mouse via UPS to south Africa, it was in South Africa for the first time on the 6th of March, I was expecting UPS to deliver it to my house. Like the other things I received by courier last year.

But this is South Africa, what on earth was I thinking! Our customs laws had changed I now had to sign up as an importer. I only discovered this after my parcel had been sent back to Germany and back here again!

Dealing with UPS South Africa was a disaster, they obviously have no centralised communication, no way to keep track of which a person is dealing with which client. I was contacted by a number of people regarding the importers form, they eventually faxed me a copy, it took me a while to get it filled in and faxed back to them with a copy of my ID. It was now the 15th of March and UPS had everything they required to deliver my parcel or so I thought.

Despite my address being clearly written on the parcel. They claimed they did not have it. After four phone calls from four different people at UPS and a number emails, they finally had my address!

The parcel finally arrived on the 28th of March, but that was not the end. I still had to fight with the driver to part with the parcel, because someone at UPS had printed the e-mail I sent them with my address and stuck it on the front of the parcel, so the driver was asking for the person from UPS, eventually he was shown my name on e-mail, and I finally received the parcel.

The new mouse is working fine, there is no double click.

Thanks Logitech :)

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Anonymous said...

lol funny shit m8, frustrating but funny. Welcome aboard Gary you're not alone in this crap I think we have almost the same ppl here in Estonia LMFAO!! those idiots. Rain